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Talk it out with our counseling expert and give your mind some PEACE!

  • 30 min
  • Audio/Video Call or Text Messaging

Service Description

We are all humans. There are times when we feel that the walls are closing in and we can't breath. During your years in college or your research career, you feel like you don't know where life is taking you. You feel so lost and demotivated. Need some answers? Read further. Have you ever felt like you couldn't reach the deadline and got into a lot of trouble in your lab? Felt that the experiment was not working out how much ever you tried to revise the protocol, and felt like your whole project is a waste of time? Felt like getting into this university/firm was a HUGE mistake? Then this session will do you good. Being a researcher myself, I have been into a lot of downturns in life and felt like giving up. But understanding the value of the degree, the research you are engaged in, and most importantly, getting in touch with your inner-self can do wonders. It has the potential to turn your life upside-down. Hence, I got some of the best experts in counseling services and myself to help you pacify your mind and feel motivated. You have every right to feel better about yourself. You can get the experiment running smoothly in no time! Reconnect with yourself and get that job done in a jiffy. Give your mind the pampering it deserves. I guarantee you will feel much better after the session. You can do wonders with your life. Let me help you. HAVE FAITH! You've got this! P.S. As I am just starting my website, I am still interviewing other counselors for the service. Hence presently, only I am available for the service. -Anandi C.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance.

Contact Details

Provided on demand.

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