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COVID-19 And Your Transformation

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Are we virtually getting too close to people but physically distancing ourselves far away from everyone?

Image Courtesy: Ben Karpinski by Unsplash

This pandemic has made us huddle up inside our houses, be extremely cautious about our surroundings, forget a sense of touch, or how it feels to gather up and work. All you can do is pick up your phone or laptop, and message/call someone up. Or maybe not.

Are we virtually getting too close to people but physically distancing ourselves far away from everyone? Is this a new way of living that we'll have to get used to? Naturally, these questions cross our minds each time we get an opportunity to stare at the empty locked-down streets, watch the credit scenes of the latest TV series you've been following light up your computer screen, or when you put down your phone after a long video call with someone close.

Sometimes, it feels like the four walls in our rooms keep closing in at us leaving us out of breath. Leaving us confused with our uncertain lives, wanting to know when this would all stop so that we could go back to everything being normal again. But when would that time come? But you are left even more uncertain at the end of this regular interrogation session inside your head.

What if a way could be made out of this madness? If not immediately outside, why not start from within? As a first step, let's reach out to our inner selves and appreciate everything around us that is going right in our lives at this present moment. The hot meal that you had today, the bed that you have to sleep on, the air that you are breathing, the money that you have in your wallet that you could exchange for so many things in this world.

Think about the internet you are using at this very moment. How many people do you think in the world are privileged with that? Almost only half the global population in the bloody 21st century only has access to the internet! And it gives you the necessary tools to boost your life with a series of wonderful opportunities that could potentially turn your life around if you know how to use it wisely.

We have to make peace inside these four walls which sometimes keep closing in at us, and remember that we need to search for the creaks in these walls to welcome the light that could peek in. Let the light spread, and bathe you in the silence of the glistening beauty of solitude. Some of the best ideas do indeed come when we are bored or trying to find reasons for our existence.

Give this light a chance. Let it fill you up and enrich your mind. Close your eyes and listen to your heartbeat as a reminder that you are lucky to be alive when millions are fighting under heavy medical equipment to search for a faint pulse they could exchange for anything in the world. You are healthy, you are breathing, you have your loved ones wanting to know how you are amidst everything that is going on around us.

The whole world is going through a transformation and you are a first-hand candidate entering a new age. Cheer yourself for almost surviving though it all. Do you feel that gratitude seeping in from all corners of your body and filling you up? Let that feeling stay. Cherish it. I'm happy that you are making it.

Thank you for existing.

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