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Break Free

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

If the universe being a part of nature is so limitless, abundant, and with no restrictions, why do we, being the fruits of nature, limit ourselves?

Picture Courtesy: Becca Tapert (Unsplash)

What if we were limitless too?

What if everything we dream of comes to fruition? Why can't we put efforts to achieve our human mind's unrestricted potential, efforts, more importantly, of our hope? The questions we ask ourselves could be answered and in this lifetime.

We have to let our minds wander in this endless expanse of possibilities and figure out the wonders of the universe. We have the world as our plate and our minds as our tools to extract what our ideas beholden.  The excuses we have for every hindrance are our tamed minds give us every reason not to look beyond the horizon.

We should let go of the word "limit" and welcome the word "abundance." Excuses should be lit in the fire of our raging minds that want to break open the shackles of the inevitable.

It's possible, I dare you.
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