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3 Bullets When Life Seems Useless

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Fire them up. You need them now more than ever.

Photo: Velizar Ivanov (Unsplash)

I am a biomedical researcher and have a goal of acquiring success in life, which comes in the form of a miracle drug that I would develop in the lab to cure cancer.

I am sure it would touch millions of lives and propagate the seeds of fame or success in society for me. But is that all? Is that all why I am doing it? Just so that I acquire success or money from it all? Everything floats so thin in my head right now as if my “purpose” file is going to the precipice in the expanse of the unknown if I do not do anything about it soon. Very soon.

It feels like my purpose in life has started to evaporate, and the cemented purpose of nobility is beginning to crack within me. I begin to lose hope. How could I let this happen?

Which brings me down to these 3 points I have realized is essential to stay intact and be highly productive at your work when life feels this way:

1. Identify

Remember the words: “When you feel.”

These three words should remind you that you are alive and that you are still breathing. You still have an opportunity to achieve the greatness you have always aimed to acquire.

You need to know that whatever it is that feels like a burden in your life right now, you can go over it. You CAN get it done. You DESERVE all the success that you have wanted in your life.

You need to identify the problems that have been keeping you from achieving those goals. Be it spending unusual periods on social media, going out too much, focusing too much on things that do not contribute to your future plans, and sticking to that person’s negative rant all day. Just sit at a calm and peaceful place, close your eyes and think about the things that have been keeping you uselessly busy every day. Take notes.

2. Inspect

Why do you think the protagonist in your favorite crime TV series would spend hours examining a crime scene, down to every little detail, about the bad guy’s whereabouts? Because this analysis is going to help her or him catch the “right” criminal. Similarly, you can halt the root cause of the occurrence that lets in so much grief into your life. Hence, identify this root cause. Inspect it closely and jot down every stream leading up to that cause and all its tributaries. This information is crucial.

Understand that every problem you have in your life has to have an origin and a way to stop. You need to analyze the situation well and identify all those little points that keep you from what you want to focus on ultimately.

All you think is that you have a lot of time in your hands, but you don’t. Time runs faster than you think. So, save yourself now before it’s too late. Get hold of that goal that you always aimed for. DO IT NOW!

3. Shoot


When you see the problem carefully and have analyzed it well, it is time to do something about turning your life around.

Be it a noisy neighborhood, a disturbing roommate, or challenging coursework that seems to be unmanageable. It would seem like a daunting task finding out solutions to solve these problems. There will always be problems lying around here and there in your life. But that doesn’t mean we will allow them to sit there and suck away our peace and chances of success bit by it. They should be banished from your mind, once and for all. You need to something about it.

If it is a noisy neighborhood, try to talk to the people who are creating the noise in the first place. If that doesn’t work out, search for noise-canceling earphones, and work away. I use a pair of noise-canceling ear pods and play some Mozart or Bach in the background. Keep in mind that the music you listen to should not have lyrics, then it beats the purpose of being focused.

If there is a case where you cannot focus, maybe you need some peace and motivation. To get that peaceful environment, I usually wake up at 4.30-5 am to work on things that required a lot of my attention or something that I could not get done. I used to be a night owl earlier, but I realized that the ultimate focus comes after a good sleep at night. Your nerve cells tend to get energized after getting their perfect dose of melatonin and ready to shoot at those problems you have been trying to solve for you.

If you have changed fields in your higher studies or something entirely new for you, I suggest breaking up the concepts bit by bit and understanding the fundamentals by heart. You need to inspect the building blocks that support the massive chuck of the content.

I recently changed streams from studying immunology and biomedical engineering to taking up Chemical Engineering for my Ph.D. There is a compulsory coursework that goes way over my head. For this reason, I have primarily started working on advanced mathematical concepts to help me understand how the equations would be working for a particular subject. Hence, back up – back up. You need to start from the basics!

It would be best if you get going about solving your problems right now. Don't wait.

Find those solutions and get grinding today!


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