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Hello Researcher.

Tell us about your research journey and let us  feature your story here!

We believe that being a scientist in any field is so much more about the journey than only science that is meticulously achieved over the years.


While working infinite hours on a research problem, we forget to remind ourselves what a wonderful journey this has been and what it has taught us other than science itself.


This road is usually filled with countless hours of being indulged in a research problem— starting from the journey of looking at a research problem with grave naivety to starting to approach it, taking bits and pieces from a pyramid of intricately placed or ever so messy pile of knowledge, and carefully giving it shape and colors, to finally achieving a piece of research that the society could be prized with and the next generation of scientists could sculpt into something more wonderful.

This journey shapes scientists as extremely hard-working, scrupulous, methodical, and patient human beings. We wish to celebrate, support, and get inspired by this journey and dedicate it to all researchers around the world.


We hope that this small step could motivate the next generation and fellow researchers to gain valuable insights and continue on this journey of being a scientist with extreme pride.

Launching Soon!

Scientist Direct

Image by Patrick Langwallner

Delegation for scientists is an art.


Here is a space where scientists could ease off some of their workloads by delegating a bit of their research or writing to a researcher ready to freelance.

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